The Best Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors

For many years now, hardwood floors have been the popular choice for several establishments, offices and houses across America and beyond. It is not surprising though, as this type of flooring system is cheap, easy to assemble, sturdy and resilient, and it gives the room that classy “vintage” look on the surface.

Hardwood floors are the products of tried and tested techniques that have been used since time immemorial and were refined to suit the needs of the modern American citizen. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using hardwood floors and where you can get help in case you need some assistance in its maintenance and preservation.

As mentioned earlier, the “classiness” is one of the reasons why hardwood became the choice for elegant floor materials, as it can give any dull and boring surface a more “dignified” look. That’s certainly a must if you’re trying to make your establishment appearing more endearing to your guests and your clients alike.

In addition, hardwood floors are often very comfortable to walk on and it doesn’t make as much noise or is as brittle as concrete or other wooden flooring materials.

Another advantage of using hardwood floors is its strength; that’s pretty evident from the name itself. Hardwood is typically one of the most resilient wooden floor materials available today and can endure decades of abuse compared to concrete floors.

With its natural and grainy texture, you typically have one of the most elegantly versatile materials for any flooring needs, that is if you are ready to endure the very complicated maintenance regime following its installation. Nothing in this world exists without its quirks after all.

One thing to note about these floors is that even if the floor can remain steadfast throughout the years, if it is not refinished properly and maintained regularly, the foundations and planks may be susceptible to rotting. If this is left unchecked for too long, the once “dignified” polish would deteriorate, thus making the floor fragile and old, almost looking hazardous to walk on.

Luckily for the people who are experiencing these problems, especially the ones living in Clifton, New Jersey, a team has been assembled to counter this imminent threat. They specialize in quality floor maintenance and can refinish hardwood floors quickly and efficiently. These are the elite flooring team company from New York.

They are not just contented to refinish hardwood floors alone. They also provide assistance in several types of floor installation. These includes vinyl, laminate, and of course hardwood.

Basically they’re the jack-of-all-trades in terms of flooring services. So whether you need help in maintaining the quality of your floor, hardwood or not, or you want to install a new type of floor, whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes, they’re the people to call.

So again, if you want to refinish hardwood floors and preserve their value for the coming years ahead, you have a helping hand in the form of a flooring team company from New York.

Maple Flooring – The Best Hardwood For Flooring And Home Interior Design

A good and withstanding flooring is a very important part of any house. The type of flooring will not only create a timeless appeal but will also enhance the beauty of the room. There are a lot of flooring options to choose from that can be found in the market these days that differ in price and quality. If you are scouting for an exotic kind of hardwood flooring to bring an edge to your home interiors, the maple flooring would be your best choice.

Why Use Maple Flooring?

Maple flooring brings a unique and classy appeal to any home. To describe it, it is essentially a light colored hardwood that is mostly found in Europe and North America. Because it is unique and exotic, it would easily create a positive impact on homes, especially when used in rooms. Listed below are some of its notable features and remarkable characteristics.

1) Maple flooring is available in a number of shades. These shades are red, brown, orange, yellow, beige, brown and copper. It provides homeowners more color options when designing their homes.

2) It has the ability to easily complement any kind of d├ęcor inside your house.

3) For those homeowners who are not really fans of using carpets and ceramic tiles to decorate their homes with, then maple floor would be a good choice.

4) It is also available in the form of reclaimed wood flooring which means that they can also be environment friendly.

Advantages of Maple Wood Flooring

Maple flooring is an exclusive and the first choice for many homeowners mainly because of the advantages listed below:

1) It demands a very low maintenance. There is no need to spend a lot of money as it is very easy to clean and maintain.

2) Maple flooring is very durable and robust; it can withstand any kind of weather and will certainly last for many generations.

3) Wood, in general, does not harbor any kind of dust, unlike tiles or carpets. This will be a great alternative for people who are prone to allergies such as dust allergy.

4) This type of flooring is hard and dense; there is no need to worry about scratching the floor or ruining it with any kind of abrasions.

5) The maple wood has the ability to not allow the moisture to build up which causes other types of flooring to swell.

6) It is very easy to install.

Maintenance of Maple Wood Flooring

Once you have installed the maple flooring in your house, then there is the need to ensure that its natural shine does not just fade away. Most importantly, it is necessary to try to keep its shine last long. To do this, all you need to do is to regularly sweep and mop the floor. Sometime people would wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and apply wax after to give the wood flooring an extra boost of shine. Doing these low key maintenance tips will make sure that your maple flooring is not prone to any scratches and will not break off easily.

What Makes Pergo Floorings the Best in the Market?

In recent years Pergo floors are getting more popular in homes across United States. People prefer this manufacturer floors, as it offers authentic looking hardwood flooring patterns that are difficult to distinguish from the original ones. With floors made by them, one can enjoy the beauty and elegance of authentic looking hardwood flooring at a considerably low price and low cost of maintenance.

The company started in Sweden selling vinegar to European countries, prior to selling the snazzy low cost flooring to America. They started concentrating on chemicals as the business grew, from which they invented laminate material for tabletops.

They soon moved to making floor in mid eighties and Pergo was one of the leading competitors from Europe heading to capture markets in America.

Then it was a hit in stateside during mid nineties and a few stores in the East cost were given right to sell the laminate flooring products.

Within no time they captured the entire flooring market from New York to Sacramento.

Advantage of using Pergo for your Home Floors

The reason this company is popular with major home improvement stores as the cost of laminate floor is half to that of actual hardwood flooring. Time is also saved, as the floors do not have to be consistently waxed to maintain its shine and texture. They are basically scratch proof, and hence it relieves the users of the tension about scruff marks.

This floor manufacturer introduced a new method of installing floors. Regular floorings are installed using nails or glue. Pergo floors can be cut easily as they can be easily snapped in place and many do not require any glue for fastening. Their floors are available with a layer of foam underlay already attached under it. With all these qualities, you just can’t resist turning your floors into something sleek and contemporary

The variety offered by Pergo flooring is unbelievable; it not only has a large collection of authentic natural patterns, ranging from Light birch to dark cherry, but also stone and ceramic patterns too. The different styles of their floors can make your every room in your home look fabulous. Get an old-world Mediterranean look and feel in your kitchen with the Pergo stone floor. Cherry wood floor can give your family room an elegant and comfortable look.