Riccar Vacuum Cleaners, the Best in America

Probably the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning floors is the Riccar vacuum cleaner. Manufactured in Middle America in St James Missouri the company makes some of the highest quality vacuums that money can buy. Unlike so many of its competitors that have shifted production overseas RICCAR makes a strong durable piece of cleaning equipment that is the best performing vacuum in the world. You will not find them in the big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Sears. The only place you can purchase them is through one of there authorized dealers. Most homeowners have never heard of Riccar vacuum cleaners.

Riccar vacuum cleaners are by no means cheap. Costing between $300 to $1000 they are not purchased by the average homeowner. However many people feel that they are a good investment into your home or office. A local vacuum cleaner store owner compares the Riccar to a Porsche automobile in terms of cost and features. The high performance motor and clean air bypass work with an all metal beater bar roller system to reach deep into the carpet lifting the dirt up and out. The motor is however very loud which also why the local vacuum cleaner dealer compares it to a high performance automobile. He further stated that a lady who loves her Riccar vacuum wears ear protection due to the vacuums loud noise. He also said the lightweight models were much loader than the heavier more expensive model. Riccar vacuums are also lighter in weight and very maneuverable making them perfect for small stature adults to use. The filter system on Riccar vacuum cleaners uses a bag system that really keeps the allergens and dust in the bag. Lets face it bag vacuums beat bag less vacuum when comes to keeping the air clean in your home. Many people feel buying bags is a problem but you can purchase Riccar bags online if you do not want to purchase them from you dealer.

Over all we felt the Riccar vacuum cleaners were too expensive for the average homeowner to purchase. We watched a demonstration of its cleaning power and were impressed on how it cleaned carpets. It is light weight and easy to push around and its bagged filtration system was excellent. However it is noisy and irritating to be around when it is running. We were told that the design that allows the vacuum to clean so well is reason it is so loud. Basically less air restriction means more powerful suction. Never the less it is still louder that we like. If you have carpets and can afford it the Riccar vacuum cleaners are just the ticket for getting them clean, just wear some ear protection while using them.

The Best Hardwood Floors Can Make Your Home Beautiful and Cozy Warm

The best hardwood floors enhance the quality and appearance of your home with a high quality hardwood you can change the whole feel of a room. If there is one thing that you can do for your home that will dramatically change the way the home appears it is to install hardwood flooring.

I have installed hardwoods in my home and in homes of my customers. I’ve been installing flooring for 19 years now. Believe me wood floors are beautiful and I love to see them when the job is done, what a feeling. Go check out your neighbor or friends wood floor, it seems like everyone has some sort of wood floor in their homes nowadays.

One of the top reasons I would recommend to buy hardwood is they do not retain and trap in dust and allergens like carpet does, especially today we have many people on oxygen, some of them for that reason alone.

The new exotic styles of hardwoods are branching into species that come from South America or Africa. Brazilian cherry, tiger wood and teak are just some of the options that are known to be the best hardwood. Bamboo, which is made from a grass, is also very popular. Cork is becoming very popular as the tree it comes from is harvested every nine years, therefore not killing the tree it comes from.

Another advantage of hardwood is being able to install them yourself. That is if you are good with your hands and have a little bit of carpentry skills. You will then need to rent a nail gun or borrow one from a friend to nail the floor down solid.

Flooring’s made up of hardwood are a relatively inexpensive way to improve the overall look of your home while increasing its value. By installing a few hundred feet of hardwood, you can raise the value of your home literally by thousands of dollars. Hardwood floors are one of the most practical choices when it comes to floor design as it can be repeatedly sanded and stained. These floors also age beautifully and look wonderful in older homes.

Hardwood floors have long been known for their class and elegance, they also give your home a natural and beautiful look. Hardwood floors can add value and style to your home and last a very long time. Hardwood floors are a sensible choice when it comes to remodeling your home or building an addition due to of the warmth and beauty they can bring to almost any room in your home. They also offer an incredible array of aesthetic options, too.

Hardwood flooring can add charm to any home providing a richness and natural beauty that carpet just cannot match. Wood floors are durable and will last a long time with a minimal amount of care given to keep the floors in good condition. Hardwood adds warmth and beauty in addition to being very versatile in all kinds of decorating themes.

The Great Flooring Cover Up!

Have you just installed nice new flooring and are you possibly looking for something to protect your hardwood flooring? Sisal rugs are inexpensive and interesting! A sisal rug will give your modern furniture a nice neat surface and as well will make a good unifying background for a mixture of new and old pieces. Sisal can be dyed or colored but usually comes in natural colors. Dust and dirt usually fall through a sisal rug and they need to be lifted up when it comes time to clean them.

This remarkably versatile rug goes over most flooring types including laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and many other types. Because sisal rugs are made from plant fibers, they come in natural colors like light yellow, beige, and cream and some will have a red tinge to them. One thing to strive for if you’re looking for a true sisal rug is to find one that is as near to pure white as possible as this is considered to be the most natural. Many manufacturers stock alternative color options, but these sisal rugs are usually dyed.

Sisal rugs are made from the leaves of the “Agave Sisalana” plant which is cultivated mostly in Central America but elsewhere as well. Because Sisal fibers are usually coarse, other materials such as cotton and wool are often added to produce a more comfortable and softer rug. Since dirt naturally falls through the thick weave, this type of rug is perfect for use on tile or hardwood flooring. East African sisal rugs are woven in Belgium and are highly regarded as the best type of sisal rug to buy due to its long fiber and consistent coloring. If you are looking for an extremely hard-wearing rug, then this is definitely something you should consider when it comes to covering up your hardwood flooring.